Spice Route Limited Edition Red Blend Can (250ml)


This unique blend offers a harmonious fusion of crunchy, fruit forward flavours and enticing aromas. The Grenache brings a luscious fruity profile, while the Shiraz adds a touch of spice and the Cinsault contributes a delicate floral note. Together, they create a wine that is balanced, sophisticated, and sure to tantalize your taste buds.



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Five centuries ago the ancient mariners braved uncharted seas to round the Cape of Good Hope in search of exotic spices. Their nerve and dash inspire the Spice Route philosophy. We have found our signature wine style in the rolling hills along the Cape’s West Coast, where unirrigated vines produce grapes with small thick skinned berries – ripe fruit that is dense, rich and full flavoured. A passionate dedication to exceptional quality and traditional hand crafting captures the essence of this fruit in the wines of the Spice Route.


Vineyards are predominantly from Paarl and Swartland regions. (WO Coastal). From vineyards on decomposed granite, the some of the Grenache and the Cinsault are busvines and the remaining components from trellised vineyards.

Components all fermented in stainless steel, and underwent a series of pump overs.

Wine blended shortly after alcoholic fermentation (May 2022) and aged as a blend in Stainless steel. Minimal influence of oak. Fresh fruity style.

74 % Grenache | 19% Shiraz | 7% Cinsault

WHY cans?

Canned wine is a fantastic option for many reasons. Not only are the cans fully recyclable, but they are also lightweight, making for a smaller carbon footprint during transportation. Plus, they’re perfect for those outdoor adventures, picnics, and events where glass bottles may not be practical. Convenience and sustainability in one sip.



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